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DIY - Pastel Color Balloon Kit


DIY - Pastel Color Balloon Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


DIY Balloon garland. The amount of balloons depend on the size you pick. This kit includes a video (youtube) for you to know exactly how to install the garland. It also includes a "Confetti pattern" for you to know exactly how to do it looking like a pro! The colors of this garland is Baby pink, yellow, mint, blue, and purple. In the picture we used an 18 feet garland.

For the 9 feet garland, it includes:
-45 balloons -> 12" inches
-12 balloons -> 16" inches
-3 balloons -> 24" inches

*Depending on the size of the garland, depends on the amount of balloons the kit will bring*

To learn how to make the balloon garland, make sure you follow the Youtube tutorial. Balloons will arrive deflated and need to be filled with air using a balloon pump or electric balloon pump. These balloons are 100% biodegradable.

Free nationwide delivery takes between 4-6 days. There are other shipping options available for faster shipping. Process time is about 1 day.

REMINDER: Adult supervision required and to keep away from children and pets. Discard broken balloons immediately.