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DIY- Cocomelon Balloon Kit



DIY Inspired Cocomelon Balloon garland kit. This kit includes a video (youtube) for you to know exactly how to install the garland. It also includes a "Confetti pattern" for you to know exactly how to do it looking like a pro! These balloons are 100% biodegradable. Depending on the size of garland you pick, it depends on the amount of balloons. The size of garland in the picture is 9 feet. This picture is shown as inspiration. The sizes are below:

The 9 feet garland includes:
-45 balloons -> 12" inches
-12 balloons -> 16" inches
-3 balloons -> 24" inches

Balloons will arrive deflated and need to be filled with air using a balloon pump or electric balloon pump. This picture shown is for inspiration and for colors.

Free nationwide delivery takes between 4-6 days. There are other shipping options available for faster shipping. Process time is about 1 day.

REMINDER: Adult supervision required and to keep away from children and pets. Discard broken balloons immediately.